Avarthrel... a world of mystery and high magic – yet, it's a world which, on a passing glance, actually doesn't look very weird at all, now that you think of it. It is a world where humankind strives for universal peace and everyone's well-being – well, at least that seems to be the general idea, even when it doesn't always seem to happen. It is a world where skilled mages devise new and exciting ways to utilise the magical forces around the planet. It is a world where amazing scientific and technological discoveries are made by both humans and elves quite frequently... who knows – with some luck, in a few hundred years, people might still remember how these weird inventions work. Ordinary people might not rely on magic or technology that much. Oh well, there are still plenty of constant things to rely on. Monsters of various sorts looking for an easy dinner in the deep woods. Gods are meddling with the matters of the mortals. (More introductionary words...)

Avarthrel... is what I might call a "Yet Another® Fantasy World". Not the first, nor always the most original, nor even the best world overall, however you may define that – but certainly one that, I hope, warrants a look. Most importantly, I've had fun creating it. That's all it takes, right?

My intention has been to develop Avarthrel as a "generic" high fantasy world with a small dash of steampunk and "weird new machinery"; you'll probably find a lot of familiar things in here if you're familiar with the genres. Yet, I hope the world lends itself to a lot of things; I started from good old-fashioned orc slaughter and have tried drama and comedy and romance and... well, I'm not sure what the heck some of these scribblings could be called. What this boils down to is that it's good for Stuff.

In these web pages, which regrettably don't have much of interesting introductionary material, you will find some of the stories I've written. Some of these are not so good, but I'm quite happy with the others. Remember, I'm just an amateur who most certainly can't afford an editor. Despite of that little flaw, I don't think these things are completely awful though. I'm learning as I go. Since I'm obviously not the Greatest Flawless Author Ever Lived, feedback of any kind is always appreciated.

The world was originally started up back in 2005. This brand new site sprang in existence in late May 2012. We're still in transition, but more stuff will be coming soon! Drupal is quite difficult thing to grok, after all, but I certainly hope it's worth the effort. =)

Meanwhile, please take a look at the old Avarthrel website for all of the random, epic stuff! Most of the stuff there will eventually be moved to this site.

So, without further ado, I'd like to welcome you to our brand new website! Have a fun journey!


Obligatory content warning: It's a fantasy world, and the stuff is written for mature audiences. There's sex and violence here, though not in particularly Earth-shattering levels. So this whole website is basically 16+. There's no accepted technical standard for content ratings, and I don't want to advertise this thing on every page of the site (false advertising and all), so this is pretty much the only warning I'll give.


Note that most of the content hasn't been relocated here yet – they're on the old site.

  • Introduction: Some explanation of why this world is as weird as it is.
  • World: A bit on the world and the folks who inhabit it.
  • Stories: Short stories and novellas set in the world. This is why you came here, right?
  • Mini-tales: Art gallery and very short fiction.
  • Games: Stories can also be interactive. Regrettably, they're not very interactive yet, but I'm working on that too!
  • Software: I'm a geek, so I have written some software to make my writing process smoother.
  • Blog: An interblag! It's about writing, and geeky stuff that has to do with writing! It's one of those writing blogs, you see.
  • Encyclopædia: See my messy research notes!
  • Comics: Not much yet, but more is brewing.
  • Thanks and applauses: I wouldn't have come this far without some help!
  • Avarthrel Licence: Boring legalese. Yes, this is an open fantasy world; you can use it, too!
  • Recommendations: If you liked Avarthrel, here's a few other things that proved to be quite inspirational...
  • Contributor central: Want to create Avarthrel stuff? You can!
  • Privacy policy: Basically, "I'm not a lawyer, but I'm doing my best, dammit!"
  • Contact: Anything on your mind? Feel free to contact us!

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2016-04-14 14:30 A few notes on recent happenings

Latest story

Once It's Rolling...

The City Guard does its best to make sure that people know about a dangerous criminal, but it seems that the operation is going out of hand in an unexpected manner...

This story was originally going to be part of Flash-Fiction-A-Day 2. The problem with Flash-Fiction-A-Day 2, and why I somehow haven't been able to do that yet, is that it had a couple of stories that just took off on their own. This is one of those tales. Another is a gigantic tale involving a treasure hunt in the high seas, that may turn into another huge novella.

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