Welcome to the Avarthrel website! Avarthrel is a fantasy worldbuilding project that aims to create an open, freely usable fantasy setting. The project is being run by wwwwolf.

Important notice from the organiser: The Avarthrel website unfortunately suffered an automated security breach sometime between late December 2016 and January 2017. To mitigate such incidents, this website is being entirely rebuilt, using different technology altogether.

This, combined with the fact that I was pretty much not working on Avarthrel material through 2017, meant that this website was pretty much empty. I apologise that the previously available stories and material aren't here at the moment. Now that I am once again working on the material, rest assured that they will be eventually restored here, along with other writing stuff.

Winterly Scrivenings (formerly known as Avarthrel Blog) has already been migrated to my primary website; the blog will cover writing in general, not just Avarthrel.

The Avarthrel Encyclopaedia has also had technical issues in recent times and has been unavailable, but a text dump of the contents is in the works and should be available in near future.